Being independent and true to yourself is great—although we could argue that the same doesn’t apply to your hair. Locks with a mind of their own are often called ‘frizzy’: Some sections are smooth and flat, while the others (for whatever reason) curl or stand up. Having frizz-controlled hair is especially important if you want smooth, straight hair. When we talk about frizz, we’re referring to strands that tend to stick out—you may have also heard them called ‘flyaways’. Worry not, there is a simple solution to frizzy hair: Patience and good hair care.
Giving up is not an option! Let’s see what we can do together to de-frizz your strands.

Healthy Locks Fight Frizz with Ease

Getting healthy hair sounds like a tedious task, but it’s really not! The first step is to get a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your need and lifestyle. Be sure to take a look at products supplemented with keratin, biotin, and collagen. Use regularly to protect your hair from damage and heal broken strands. Also, slowing down with styling—or in other words, intense heat—and being gentle while shampooing your hair will go a long way in providing you with to-die-for tresses. Damaged hair benefits the frizz, as it’s weak, brittle, and dry. It will curl, stand out or have a different texture to the rest of your hair.
Besides a great hair treatment, a healthy diet and exercise also go a long way in contributing to the health of your hair. Your body produces proteins that feed your hair, proteins like keratin. Being in good health means your body can happily continue with the production of keratin and nourish your hair from within.

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Anti-Frizz Formulas

Frizz happens when the outer layer of your hair strand loses its integrity, and it can’t control the movement of moisture into and out of your hair fibers. Not to mention the split ends it causes! When that happens, your locks tend to curl, change in texture and become frizzy. While getting healthy hair and using the right shampoo and conditioner for all-round hair treatment is good, sometimes you need a bit more. Enter specific formulas for fighting off frizz that help to preserve the outermost layer of your hair. Frizz-control conditioners seal the deal by targeting the ‘leaks’ on the hair’s surface. You can also use hair masks for prolonged protection of your tresses.

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For speedier results, there are always Pantene Treatment Shots. The targeted, supercharged formula fights off dryness and repairs broken strands. Use when needed for salon-like hair treatment and to fight off frizzy hair overnight. But for serious and prolonged results you should use it along with your choice of Pantene shampoo and conditioner.

Try out the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Keratin Silky Smooth Intensive Serum Conditioner for daily nourishment to maintain smooth, manageable hair, and to keep frizz under control!

Creams and Oils

Hair oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that will work wonders for your locks! Oil hydrates your hair and prevents it from absorbing the moisture from the environment like a sponge. You can use a cream as a pre-shampoo conditioner, ensuring that you wash it out completely to prevent other haircare problems. Also, there are creams to tame tresses and free your hair from frizz—the perfect pick-me-up when hair starts to get a little crazy.


Keep at it! Reducing frizziness is a process, although you can combat frizz almost instantly with the right products. To really heal your hair and unify its texture, use a an all-rounder haircare regime consisting of a great shampoo, conditioner, and other haircare products. Caring for your hair should be fun, especially when it doesn’t have a mind of its own.
Enjoy your frizz-free hair courtesy of Pantene.