There are a lot of things we take for granted. Things we do so often, we do them without thinking much because they are so normal to us. We can all agree that washing our hair is one of those tasks. Just washing your hair is all good, but are you fully taking care of your hair? Haircare is no easy task, it is a process that requires tools, knowledge, and care. Our goal is to accompany you on that journey and provide you with the best products and ingredients for your hair.
That’s why we’ve put extra effort into our product-developing process so you can have a great hair day, every day.

Isn’t Collagen Just for Our Skin?

What is collagen exactly? It is a structural protein of the body and is especially important for the skin, bones, and muscles. The thing is, our bodies produce it naturally, but as you get older the production drops. Introducing collagen to haircare products helps you in supporting your body’s natural collagen production.
Collagen is a protein and our hair, just like the rest of our body, loves proteins. It becomes stronger, it helps with repair, it protects your hair from outside factors, and much more. So, let’s dive right in and find three ways collagen can improve your hair.

3 Ways Collagen Can Improve Your Hair Body MY 650x350

Number 1: Increasing Hair-building Proteins

As you age, the natural levels of collagen in your body decrease. This also affects your hair! You’re no longer able to sprout those incredible strands of hair you had as a young teen. Remember those mornings when you just woke up, ran a comb through your hair and were set to conquer the world? We do too!

Number 2: Collagen and Keratin Are Friends

Keratin, which you’ve probably heard of, is the protein in charge of your strands. Collagen and keratin potentially share amino acids and the thing is, you can only take care of already grown hair and make it beautiful with a plethora of Pantene Hair products, but with the introduction of collagen, you can also take care of hair that is yet to grow. Keratin helps with having great hair, and your body can ‘borrow’ a few amino acids from newly added collagen and get your hair all the keratin it needs.

Number 3: It Is Easy to Build into Our Routine

Collagen is a strange thing. It is hidden, produced in our bodies. All this sounds like science-fiction. There’s been a trend of introducing collagen into skincare products and as supplements. How do you introduce such a thing to something as popular as haircare?

Our new Pantene Miracle Treatments range comes complete with a range of conditioners and treatments to best address your nourishment and damage repair needs. Try the Collagen Repair Intensive Serum Conditioner for daily use and the Collagen Intensive Treatment Shot to help repair hair when it needs some extra (targeted!) love