You know what’s up when the word ‘biotin’ comes from the Ancient Greek word biotos, which means ‘life’ or ‘sustenance’. How many times have you thought to yourself, “My hair looks dull.”? Maybe biotin is just the thing that can give some much needed life to your hair. Haircare just got better! So, let’s dive right into it and find out what this mysterious biotin is…

What is Biotin?

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. Already sounds good, doesn’t it? Proteins, nutrients, and vitamins that end up in your hair are partially turned into energy, which makes your hair strong and lush. Biotin is known to keep your hair healthy, and although you can get biotin from a healthy diet, an extra boost never hurt.

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Strength and Energy

As we already stated, biotin turns nutrients into energy, and your hair needs that energy to be the best version of itself. Biotin is known to thicken and strengthen hair follicles, which in return supports the regular growth cycle of your hair and protects it from inevitable damage. As we age, our hair changes in texture and begins to thin, making protection especially important.

Biotin May Help in Adding Zest to Your Hair

Where is the shine, you ask? Strength and texture are great but let’s not forget about the ‘wow’ factor. While styling products and tools can give you pretty and manageable hair, they also make your hair more prone to damage, and maybe the most obvious thing is that your hair loses its shine. Well, biotin could help restore that lost shine to your hair. The energy biotin produces from carbs and fats influences your hair, helping it to be healthier and fuller.

Assisting in A Fight Against Hair Breakage

Strong hair means less breakage and with biotin-supplemented products, you can leave that fear of a comb full of hair after running it through your strands firmly in the past. Biotin can help reinforce your dry, brittle, and damaged hair and turn your locks into luscious strands. It’s even known to repair older damage, but most importantly, the benefits it has for your hair follicles and hair strength are abundant. In combination with collagen, about which you can read in our other article, it makes for a great haircare regime.

It’s A Done Deal

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce it to you! Hair is something we are very proud of and providing it with our formula to help your hair be stronger, smoother, shinier, and something that makes you feel like your best self is why we go the extra mile with our products. Forget about the dread that came with haircare days before and start getting excited about them—because your hair will turn some heads after trying out our Pantene Biotin Strength Intensive Serum Conditioner. Providing that extra boost after every shower and making you feel like you’ve just left the hair salon. With regular use, your hair will be stronger and shinier, while also providing your hair texture with the necessary reinforcement in fighting against breakage and slowing down thinning.

Delicate tresses need some additional nourishment, and what better way than through biotin-supplemented Pantene products that help restore hair to its former glory. Get healthy, beautiful hair and turn a great hair day into a great hair week, month, and even year!