Silky smooth care shampoo for frizzy & dry hair


Product Details

Flaunting silky, tangle-free, and smooth hair can now become a reality! The Pantene Silky Smooth Care Shampoo shampoo helps to gives your hair a flaunt-worthy look by making it soft, smooth and manageable.

The presence of Pro-Vitamin Formula with Japanese Rice Oil Essence helps to

  • Provide your hair with smoothness and softness whilst also balancing the protein levels in your hair
  • Give your hair a fresh and clean look all thanks to the vital nutrients present
  • Enhance hair smoothness for easier finger-combing hair

The effective and advanced vitamin formula of this anti-frizz shampoo helps to give your hair moisture and nourishment which aids in getting rid of dryness and frizziness. Try this hair smoothening shampoo today and get set to stand out every day!

Directions For Use

Massage onto wet scalp/hair gently. Rinse off thoroughly.