Having strong and healthy hair opens so many doors. But achieving it isn’t universal. Some people require a little more patience to get strong and healthy hair, while others can do it seemingly overnight. Whatever the case, a great hair treatment regime helps: And by great hair treatment regime we mean choosing your haircare products carefully. Take note of the products that are right for you and use them regularly—and as instructed. Once you start seeing shinier, smoother, and stronger hair with no split ends or any breakage, the world is your oyster.
Now for the next part of the story: How to maintain strong and healthy hair. Keeping your fingers crossed and simply hoping it will stay that way isn’t the best thing to do, and that’s why we’re here to shine a light on some ways you can maintain your mane and keep it in perfect condition.

First Thing’s First – Foundation

Foundations are important, in everything you do! To build something great you need solid a foundation, you need to get the basics right—i.e., your shampoo and conditioner (but more about conditioners later). With the help of the right products for your hair and style, you will build a strong foundation upon which healthy and strong hair can be achieved. Be sure to assess your options as there are many different shampoos targeting many different hair needs. If your hair is thin and weak, try a strengthening one, preferably with collagen and biotin. If your hair is thick but oily and heavy, find the one that will clean away dirt with ease and protect your outer layers from environmental stressors—like smog—that can grease up your strands easily.

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Heat-It Down

Strong and healthy hair also provides the incredible possibility of styling your hair almost however you want it. It can bear twists and turns, curlers and straighteners, but all that heat can damage your strands. The heat from heat styling tools creates micro-cracks that weaken hair’s strong structure. Take a break from heavy heat styling and try air-drying. Also, add masks into your haircare regime to provide that extra nourishment and prolonged protection to slow down hair breakage and drying out.

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Condition for Greatness

Name a greater love story than great shampoo and conditioner. When you find a shampoo that fits your needs, you can play around with different kinds of conditioners. Conditioners reduce friction in your hair by lubricating the cuticle, which helps to protect the inner core of your hair from irreversible damage. To maintain healthy and strong hair, it’s a really good idea to look at biotin-supplemented conditioners, such as Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Biotin Strength Intensive Serum Conditioner. Biotin is a B complex vitamin that reinforces your strands and makes them smooth and manageable, which ultimately means your hair is in good condition. Once you find your Pantene shampoo and conditioner soul mates and your hair says, “That’s it, girl!” there is no need to switch it up.

Don’t Let Bad Days Get You Down

Hair is something we flaunt proudly when it’s great, and tuck it away so nobody can see it when it’s not. That’s fine, but never give up on your regime and, most importantly, have patience. Even the healthiest and strongest hair will have its bad days, just like all of us, but with careful pampering, nourishment from nutrients and vitamins, and a cup of love, it will shine even brighter next time!

Keep your hair healthy and strong and be the best version of yourself with Pantene—always.