Miracles Crystal Smooth Treatment

Miracles Crystal Smooth Treatment

Product Details

Tired of trying to make your hair as smooth as cashmere? Crystal Smooth Treatment is an all-in-one package of goodness that gives your dry hair the perfect hydration and makes it smooth. It treats the dryness and brittle nature of each strand of hair, making it look and feel soft and smooth for days. With added fresh scent of picked mint and lily blend, elevate your day and mood on the go. To fight severe dryness and unruliness, use the new Pantene Pro-Vitamin Miracles Crystal Smooth Treatment with Pantene Pro-Vitamin Miracles Crystal Smooth Shampoo for best results.

The two major ingredients that have been used to create this product are Pro-Vitamin and Liposhot.

Pro-Vitamin: Pantene Miracle Collection has been infused with Pro-Vitamin in order to maintain the adequate level of protein that the hair needs. It helps in improving the health of the dry and frizzy hair, giving it the shine and softness that you desire. The Pro-Vitamin formula acts as the most significant element in the journey of achieving soft and smooth hair.

Liposhot: Developed over 15 years, Liposhot is a high-class serum. It takes care of one of the major reasons due to which hair becomes rough and dry. Dryness of hair often happens when the hair strands become hollow. Liposhot replenishes each strand and fills the hollowness of the hair, making it cashmere soft. Liposhot is relatively a newer formula introduced in the beauty industry. It’s efficiency to make hair soft is the reason why it is one of the most integral elements of the Pantene Miracles Collection. This serum is sure to repair your damaged hair and restore its life.


Water, stearyl alcohol, behentrimonium methylsulfate, dimethicone, cetanol, (divinyldimethicone / dimethicone) copolymer, fragrance, isopropanol, benzyl alcohol, bisaminopropyl dimethicone, EDTA-2Na, histidine, pantenol, panthenylethyl, citrate Acid, (C12,13) ​​Palace-3, (C12,13) ​​Palace-23, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

Directions for Use

Massage onto wet scalp and hair gently. Rinse off thoroughly.