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Product Details

Has hair fall led to thin and flat hair? Well, worry no more Pantene hair fall control shampoo has the answer for it all. This shampoo has a nourishing blend of vitamins which protects hair from damage.

By removing excess sebum from your hair and scalp and helping in absorption of nutrients present in Pantene Hair fall control shampoo it nourishes hair inside out, leaving you with strong, less tangled hair which is easier to comb even when your hair is wet.

Hair damage caused by pollution and dust leads to breakage and unwanted hair fall, using Pantene Hair fall Control Shampoo every day reduces hair fall and breakage, giving you stronger and healthier hair. For best result use with Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner.

Directions For Use

Massage onto wet scalp/hair gently. Rinse off thoroughly.




This is really Good Product. It works for all hair type. Highly recommended.