Do you find lots of hair on your pillow every morning, your comb or shower drain? Then it’s time to ask yourself an important question- Why? Are you too stressed? Have you changed your diet? Are you not taking care of your hair?

Let’s take a step back to understand why your hair strands are breaking off. Then we will learn how to treat damaged hair.


There are three common reasons for Damaged hair:

  1. Chemical treatments. Hair coloring and salon treatments like hair perming cause more harm than you think. They break down disulphide bonds required to maintain hair structure and appearance, affecting the outer cuticle layer and inner layers responsible for your hair’s silky-smooth texture.

  2. Too much heat. Do you love styling with blow-dryers, curling tongs and straighteners? excessive heat may be too as it removes moisture from your hair and harms your hair health. Even the sun’s UV rays can be damaging too. it causes your hair to become lighter and dry as they break down the hair protein ‘Keratin’ that builds up your hair

  3. Over Combing. Do you know that Wet hair breaks 15 times faster than dry hair?! Combing wet hair causes weak hair and even split ends. Sometimes, over-combing, can leave you with more broken strands of hair.

Do you want quick remedies for damaged hair? The first step is Prevention with Good hair products for damaged hair.


Here’s a quick note on what you can do to repair damaged hair.

  1. Cut down on dying hair and chemical treatments

  2. Comb only as much as you need. Use a wide-toothed comb to manage knots and be gentle with wet hair.

  3. Loosen your buns and tight braids.

  4. use styling tools along with thermal protection products to keep your hair protected Air-drying after a shower is a good treatment for frizzy damaged hair.

  5. Use damaged hair products like Pantene’s Total Damage Care Shampoo and Total Damage Care Conditioner. It contains a positively charged silicone product, dimethicone, that turns up the shine- It makes hair look smooth and silky.

  6. Finish with the best conditioner for damaged hair. Hair conditioning is important for the hair’s cortex. It re-establishes hydrogen bonds and improves moisture content. Try out Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Intense Daily Conditioner - Total Damage Care. It helps reduce protein loss.

  7. You can also use a good hair mask for damaged hair.

  8. If budget permits, Visit a hair dresser for professional care, tips and tricks.

  9. Lastly, live stress free!

There you go! Nine remedies for damaged hair. Change some old habits and say goodbye to bad hair days forever!