Turn up the volume

One of the worst feelings is trying to make your hair lush and full of life and ending up with flat hair. Sometimes it seems like there is no answer to dull and tired hair. Whatever you do your hair won’t listen and even after using all kinds of different hair care products the volume is nowhere to be found and shine is completely amiss. Imagining a breezy mane, full of volume, and shiny strands shouldn’t be possible only in your dreams – you only need a product that’s precisely formulated for multiplying your volume, feeding your strands with nutrients, and providing you with energizing fragrance and airy lather every time you step into your shower.

Meet the new Pantene Nutrient Blends Volume Multiplier Line!


To understand what hair volume is and how to get it, we first must understand how do we lose it? Reduced volume is scientifically called androgenic thinning and it’s one of the most common female hair conditions. Reduced hair volume occurs because of follicles’ sensitivity to normal levels of androgens. The follicles shrink, producing strands of smaller diameter and shorter length. It’s not *hair loss, but the replacement hair is taking up less space resulting in flat hair. To fix this problem your hair needs nutrients and vitamins. They can partially be supplemented through hair care made exactly for that. Also, a great piece of advice is to treat your scalp the same as your face and focus on massage, which will boost circulation when applying products to your roots.

Volume can be turned on, by adding volume to flat hair you can “hear the music” while you’re walking with your lush set of hair once again. There are many things you can do to boost the volume of your hair ranging from changing your diets to different combing techniques. Whatever you do and try to, be sure to put the volume-enhancing formula into the mix so you can reap the results with a smile.


Hair volume is sometimes the key to confidence and that’s exactly why we decided to research, formulate, and create a perfect line to multiply your volume. To enhance hair volume, it needs a couple of things, but most importantly: Nutrients – compounds that are essential to life and health, providing us with energy, the building blocks for repair and growth. We consume nutrients through food, but your hair also needs those building blocks so it can get back that former glory and be full, shiny, and beautiful. Except for nutrients your hair also needs vitamins. Pro-vitamin B5 is great for the skin, and your scalp is also a type of skin. Nurturing your scalp with everyday use nurtures your hair follicles that in return can grow healthier, thicker and longer strands. Also, antioxidants are really important. As time passes our cells get damaged, and most damage happens naturally – because of oxygen. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation and can prevent or delay some types of cell damage. In the end, you want all of that to smell great. There is no point in healing if you can’t do it with a smile on your face. Don’t worry our multiplier formula has that too!

Pantene Hair Volume Multiplier Shampoo and Pantene Hair Volume Multiplier Conditioner are here for you – every day, every shower. Packed full of nutrients and vitamins this line is ready to add volume to flat hair and boost your confidence.


A good foundation is always shampoo and conditioner. It is the ‘old reliable’ of showers. Enjoy the breezy fragrance and airy lather of this nutrient-infused, silicon free shampoo and silicone free conditioner with a blend of pro-vitamin B5, antioxidants, and bamboo. The volumizing formula leaves your hair looking full and shiny after every shower. Be sure to follow up the shampoo with the conditioner for the best results. Massage the shampoo gently into your scalp and rinse it off thoroughly. Apply conditioner onto wet hair and massage it into your strands and scalp. Leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse it off gently. Next step? Forget about flat hair and revel in your new shiny and full set of hair.

These products are created with extra care and are gentle enough for permed and color-treated hair.


For that extra push in the right direction be sure to try Pantene Nutrient Blends Hair Volume Multiplier Treatment. Volume in a shot, nutrient-infused and rich in pro-vitamin B5, antioxidants, and bamboo treatment can volumize your hair after first use. This precise formula penetrates strands and provides you with a thick and volumized look immediately. Use for instantly bountiful volume and vibrant hair.

You can carry it in your purse or pocket and use it on dry hair for an instant pick-me-up. Just spray 15 pumps on wet or dry hair to cover your scalp from the ear line up and massage it in with fingertips. Don’t rinse and style your hair as usual.

Enjoy your bountiful and shiny hair with Pantene.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.