There are so many roles you play, so many places you go, so many hurdles you face, and you may not realize it but your hair goes through all of it with you! Be it flowing with the wind or following your moves, it stays in character all the time.

However, just like the hurdles you face, the hair comes across challenges such as pollution, UV rays, styling tools, colour, and many others. These factors tend to make your hair dry and frizzy, taking all its hydration and nourishment away. Apart from making it look and feel lifeless, this also leads to brittle hair and *hair fall.
Maintaining the softness and health of hair with all the challenges is not an easy task, but we have a miracle for you!

Rough, dry and frizzy hair needs products that maintain the balance of vitamins and repair the damage. To help you have a perfect hair-day everyday, we have the perfect solution for you.

Pantene Miracles Collection

Pantene Miracles collection is a carefully crafted collection of premium hair-care products that penetrate through each strand of hair, giving it the softness of cashmere by bringing its life back. This collection contains a smoothening regimen that don’t just protect your hair from getting damaged but also repair already damaged hair. Each product in this collection has been created keeping in mind the requirements of hair to win the fight against heat, pollution, colouring, and many more. If you have frizzy hair or if the dryness is making your hair brittle, Pantene Miracles Collection can come to your rescue as it can be used for both at home and on the go! The Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment will work to help nourish your hair and repair any damage to make it smooth, soft, and healthy.

If you have frizzy hair or if the dryness is making your hair brittle, Pantene Miracles Collection can come to your rescue as it can be used for both at home and on the go! The Shampoo, Conditioner, and Treatment will work to help nourish your hair and repair any damage to make it smooth, soft, and healthy.

The Pantene Miracles Collection has two significant ingredients infused in it that make the dream of having cashmere-smooth hair come alive.

Pro-Vitamin: One of the elements that all the Pantene products contain is Pro-Vitamin. Pantene Miracles collection has been infused with Pro-Vitamin in order to maintain the adequate level of protein that the hair needs. It helps in improving the health of the hair, giving it the shine and softness that you desire. The Pro-Vitamin formula acts as the most significant element in the journey of achieving soft and smooth hair.

Liposhot: Developed over 15 years, Liposhot is a high-class serum that takes care of one of the major reasons of which hair becomes rough and dry. Dryness of hair often happens when the hair strands become hollow. Liposhot replenishes each strand and fills the hollowness of the hair, making it cashmere-smooth. Liposhot is relatively a newer formula introduced in the beauty industry. Its efficiency to make hair soft is the reason why it is one of the most integral elements of the Pantene Miracles collection. This serum is sure to repair your damaged hair and restore its life.

This product range is perfect for you to use at home or even on the go, providing nourishing benefit making your hair look cashmere-smooth.

Level Up your at-home hair treatment with Pantene Miracles Collection for cashmere-smooth hair!

Crystal Smooth Range: This range of products from the Pantene Miracles collection gives hair the softness of cashmere and a glossy shine. Keep your hair silky smooth wherever you go. It is the perfect combination for dry hair to help you fight the damage and restore the moisture of your hair. It contains 0% silicon, paraben and chemical dye. The fragrance of the products is a mesmerizing blend of picked mint and lily.

Rich Moisture Range: This range from the Pantene Miracles collection makes hair impeccably silky and smooth whilst providing the perfect moisture. The key ingredients that enable these products to be so effective are Pro-Vitamin and Liposhot. They contain no silicone, paraben, and chemical die formula. They have an added scent of freshly picked apples & rose blended to provide your hair with a fresh smell.

Even if you are always on the go, you can keep your hair looking smooth, soft, and healthy all the time with Pantene Miracles Collection!

Miracles Volume Dry Shampoo: Need a quick hair fix in the middle of the day? The Miracles Volume Dry Shampoo is all you need! This hair formula belongs to the Pantene miracles collection and instantly revamps flat sticky hair into free-flowing airy hair from the roots, anytime you want. It is the first-ever shampoo from Pantene that doesn't require you to use water. So now get the experience of washed hair whenever and wherever you want and that too without worrying about any kind of residue! This premium and innovative product contains Pro-Vitamin formula that helps maintain sufficient protein levels in your hair thus making it silky and smooth.

Miracles Glossy Shake Aqua Oil: Looking for a mid-day fix to tame your unmanageable hair? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! The Glossy Shake Aqua Oil from the Pantene miracles collection transforms unruly hair into manageable, silky smooth hair instantly. It contains an added lightweight toner that provides your hair with a lustrous look without weighing it down or making it sticky. This hair treatment is extremely easy to use and simply requires one to blend it in the section of your hair where you would like to decrease the swell and spread. This is the first-ever innovative dual treatment with oil and toner that contains Pro-Vitamin formula with added premium beauty essence, that helps fix your hair hassle-free.

Miracles Smooth Jelly Balm: Frustrated with those frizzy and flyaway strands of hair? Worry no more! The Miracles Smooth Jelly Balm from the Pantene miracles collection is here to your rescue. It helps to firmly organize those loose and dry strands of hair by making it manageable from the roots. This non-sticky formulation is a lightweight jelly balm that does not make your hair dry and is perfect for midday use. It is also the first-ever innovative jiggly jelly type balm made from Pro-Vitamin formula with added premium beauty essence.

With an assortment of effective and amazing products to keep your hair smooth and repair dry, frizzy hair, Pantene Miracles is the perfect choice for you.

Check out the Pantene Miracles Collection and get your cashmere-smooth hair today!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.