Dyeing your hair for the first time or you are already a veteran who adores that extra zest hair color brings? Who wouldn't with all that beautiful and magnificent colors that you can choose from? Don't get us wrong, natural colored hair is also beautiful but here we will be talking about hair care for colored or bleached hair. The thing is, once you're done coloring, the hair care only just begins! Your hair needs that extra treatment, those color-specific products that will firstly, protect your hair from damage and secondly, protect your new color from fading. Thing is, if you just run through colors and constantly dye your hair without taking care of it, we have some bad news for you. Hair dyes can be dangerous, and your hair can quickly go from 'WOW' to 'OW'.


There is no going around the bush about chemicals in the hair dyes and that is what you should be somewhat worried about. Of course, hair dyes are a part of our beauty regimes for a reason as they bring that youthful feel, that romance, energy, and confidence we are all looking for. But they also bring risks to the quality of your strands. There are three types of hair dyes: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. All of them remove moisture from your hair follicles. Moreover, it can further lead to hair dryness, breakage, and split ends, which in the end can cause *hair loss. We don’t want that do we? That’s why you need products that will nullify the effects hair dyes cause to your hair. Products like Pantene Miracles Color Shine collection that takes care of your hair after dyeing by moisturizing it, gently cleansing your strands, repairing damage, and feeding your hair with everything it needs to get and retain that cashmere smooth, glossy look.


Coloring of the hair is not only performed by professionals, but it is also a popular cosmetic treatment we do at home. Naturally, there are downsides and your hair will feel that. Hair dyes contain a lot of chemicals, right from ammonia to peroxides. Hair damage happens because of accidental prolonged exposure of your hair to the chemicals so be sure to carefully read the package before starting your color journey. The chemicals can cause everything from allergic reactions, dryness, and damage to bigger problems not only for your hair and scalp. Those chemicals dry your hair and make it prone to breakage and hair loss and with serial usage of hair dyes that risk is only getting bigger.


We are certainly not saying “don’t dye your hair!”, far from that! We think hair dyes are awesome and cool and that’s exactly why we’ve put extra effort into creating Pantene Miracles Color Shine Collection containing products formulated specifically for dyed hair protection and care. Serial usage of these products will repair the damage, feed your strands, and protect your new hair color from fading away. Miracles Color Shine Shampoo gently cleanses and repairs damage, for best results pair it with Miracles Color Shine Capsule Mix Cream which provides you with cashmere smooth, glossy colored hair. For that extra push and awe-inspiring look Miracles Color Shine Treatment will penetrate deeply into your hair and replenish your strands with everything they need to stay strong and healthy.

Great colored hair is achieved by great hair care after dyeing, try out our Pantene Miracles Color Shine collection and turn some heads without worrying about potential damage hair dyes can cause!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.