Ever feel like you just washed your hair and it gets greasy in a matter of hours? You're not alone! There are great hair products for oily hairs available in stores to help you.


We all naturally produce sebum in our hair follicles - it’s our hair's natural moisturizer. Sounds good, right? Normally yes. But it can be too much and make out hair greasy. Let’s look at the cause of oily hair…

  • Some of us naturally produce too much sebum. This gives us an oily hair scalp.
  • It's not your fault! Too much natural moisture can be a genetic issue.
  • Every hair type can suffer from oily hair but it’s more obvious on people with straighter, finer hair than on our curlier, thicker-haired friends. The grease works its way down straighter hairs faster.


First, a couple of myths to forget: Just wash your hair more and don't use conditioner. So wrong!

Some people think that to fight the causes of oily scalp and greasy hair, you have to use stronger, harsher cleansers, like the ones found in clarifying shampoos. Don't do it! That’ll only remove nutrients from your hair and make things worse.

Follow our tips to remove oil from your scalp and we'll fix your greasy hair fast:

  • Try a gentle shampoo that you can use every day. A perfect remedy for oily hairs is the Pantene Micellar Series. You can use them regularly to remove excess oil without ruining your scalp's natural balance.

  • Do you need to condition your hair? Definitely! Your scalp gets lots of hydration from sebum from your hair follicles, yes. But conditioning your hair is also about putting back nutrients and keeping your hair happy, healthy and strong.

  • Avoid 'intense' and 'deep conditioning' products. You need some conditioning but not too much. Choose a lightweight option like the Pantene Micellar Series. Just the right amount of added nourishment for your hair's core without the excess hydration and weight on the surface.

  • Don't use conditioner on your scalp or close to your roots. You want to nourish as much of your hairs as possible to protect them from heat styling and UV light damage but leave some space between your scalp and the conditioner you put on. Let your hair follicles do their good work at the roots.

Go gentle on your hair and your greasy hair will be silky and beautiful with the Micellar series, the best Pantene shampoo and conditioner for oily hairs.