Does your heart break when you see your *hair fall? Do you need products that strengthen and nourish your hair? No problem! The Pantene Hair Fall Control Collection helps to strengthen your hair, allowing you to achieve fuller and thicker hair for great hair days.

The Pantene Hair Fall Control range is packed with strengthening and conditioning ingredients to help you achieve stronger and thicker hair. It works magic from the root to the tips of your hair, and helps you to prevent hair-fall problems.

Do you ever wonder where your hair should get the protection it needs from hair fall nightmares? Look no further, as this range is packed with Pro-Vitamin formula and Japanese Rice Oil Essence to help strengthen your hair and achieve lesser hair fall due to breakage.

Say no to hair fall with the Pantene Hair Fall Control range and shower your hair with love and care!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.