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Is your dry and damaged hair crying out for love and healing? Is it a victim of heat-styling? Are everyday pressures like pollution hurting your hair? If so, show your hair some love with Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and conditioner.

Signs of damaged hair:

  • Dry and brittle hair that breaks
  • Hair that’s rough to the touch
  • Split ends and Tangled hair that is difficult to comb through
  • Dullness, Frizz, Unmanageable hair
Pantene pro-v total damage care shampoo

Pantene’s Pro-V blends and histidine, a powerful anti-oxidant treats each and every strand right to the core and also removes mineral impurities.

Even better, its anti-oxidant technology will help prevent further damage with regular use. Great news! That’s why it’s your best shampoo for dry hair, brittle hair or even frizzy hair.

Match it with Pantene Total Damage Care Conditioner or for even more of a spa experience, Pantene Total Damage Care 3 Minute Miracle, a fabulous conditioner for damaged hair. They reduce protein-loss and help keep nutrients in. Your hair will be happier, healthier and more beautiful in no time.

Show your hair some love and healing with the Pantene Total Damage Care Collection – it will thank you for it!