All that styling leaving your hair a little undernourished? Need some intense conditioning to get that salon treatment feel?

Daily use of the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Collection will work its magic and give you the hair you’ve always dreamt of!

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle products really care for your hair. Here’s why they’re so fabulous:

  • Pantene Pro-V vitamins and the powerful anti-oxidant Histidine go to the core of each hair and clear any mineral impurities so each and every strand is healthier.
  • Then Keratin damage blockers protect from future damage.
  • Your hair will be sleek, shiny and happier than ever with Pantene’s Advanced Conditioning Technology!

All you need is three minutes to undo three months of damage. What are you waiting for?

Which miracle conditioner will you choose?


Say goodbye to dry, frizzy hair with the divine Daily Moisture Renewal 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. Sounds heavenly! Why should you choose this conditioner? Read on and find out!

  • Nourishes hair from core to cuticle and locks in hydration.
  • Use it at least two or three times a week to get rid of that dryness and frizz.
  • Repairs damage to the strands.
  • Gives you moisture-rich, soft, shiny hair.

With all the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioners, follow these simple steps to have the tresses of your dreams:

  • Apply to clean, damp hair, working your way up from root to tip.
  • Massage into hair to ensure each hair feels the benefit.
  • Let it work its magic for three minutes.
  • Rinse well.
  • Enjoy your beautifully conditioned, shiny, healthy locks!
*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.