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Waking up and winning over your world is something you may dream of having every day. Although sometimes, you may see strands of hair falling when combing, tying, or styling your hair. Watch out! You may be experiencing hair fall problems.

Hair fall is a condition in which your hair breaks either directly from the roots or just as a part of a strand. It not only results in the thinning of hair but also damages the remaining strands making them rough and tangled. It may be caused due to various reasons. The reasons may vary from genetic relevance to lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients. It may also be the consequence of continuous interaction of hair with pollutants, heat and other damaging elements.

Along with making your hair look thinner and lifeless, hair fall also results in slimming down your confidence. Be it going for an important interview or to a girls-day-out with the BFFs, a significant part of your style is on how your hair looks. In moments like these when the consequences of hair fall start reflecting, your confidence and vibe might be ruined.

Pantene has come up with the perfect solution to help you fight hair fall and make your dream of having voluminous hair come true.

Introducing your BFF -- NEW Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner to tackle your hair fall problem!

What better way to treat your hair than with Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin and amazing antioxidants? They are stronger than other conditioning ingredients. This product range prevents damage, breakage, tangles and split ends. It cleans your hair inside out, giving you luscious and voluminous locks. Want to achieve 98% less hair fall? Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner can help to do just that. So now your beautiful hair can make heads turn and people gasp. Bye-bye hair fall, hello healthy hair!

This new Pantene is rich in Tocotrienol—a super Vitamin E, which has 50x anti-damaging benefits versus Tocopherol in other oils. Pro-Vitamin B5 and Lipids fortify the inside, while Japanese Rice Oil Essence fortifies the outside. Simple, yet oh-so wonderful!

The two major ingredients that have been used to craft the products ensuring that they turn out to be the perfect solution to hair fall – Pro-Vitamin & Japanese Rice Oil Essence.

Pro-Vitamin: Pantene Hair Fall Control range has been infused with Pro-Vitamin in order to maintain the adequate level of protein that the hair needs. It helps in improving the health of the hair, giving it the shine, softness and strength that you desire. The Pro-Vitamin formula acts as the most significant element in the journey of achieving strong and smooth hair.

Japanese Rice-oil Essence: The age-old secret to beautifully long and strong hair comes from the 2000 years old Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair. Pantene has integrated this tradition into its products by extracting and distilling the oil from healthy rice bran to create a more potent ingredient, blended with Pro-Vitamin formula. The Japanese Rice Oil Essence is extracted in Wakayama, home to the Aragi-jima Rice Terraces. Only the best goes into this range: Japanese Rice Oil Essence blended with the Swiss-certified Pro-Vitamin formula.

This uniquely powerful concoction of Japanese Rice Oil Essence and Pro-Vitamin formula repairs hair and fights hair fall efficiently.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your NEW Pantene Hair Fall Control products today, and fulfil your journey of having thicker, voluminous hair every day!